Easy Indoor Plants to Grow


Turn your windowsill into a little garden or place some plants around the house, bringing signs of life and vitality to your home. Plants can transform your home and workplace into a more peaceful, tranquil and engaging place.


Indoor plant ideas can help lower stress levels, replenish the air and make your home look gorgeous. It also offers you a chance to have fun and get hands-on creation by combining different kinds of plants. The process of plants caring also helps you get back in touch with nature.

You might worry about being not that green-thumbed, and your nice plant could suffer an early demise. Fortunately, we’ve compiled a list of the best low maintenance plants for you to refer to. Avoid getting stuck with a sad plant cemetery by choosing one of these air-cleaning, mood-boosting varieties that are also nearly impossible to kill.

MONSTERA                  MONEY PLANT           SNAKE PLANT           

SPIDER PLANT            PEACE LILY                 DEVIL’S IVY           ALOE VERA

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You don’t need to be an expert in horticulture to raise an indoor plant. While some varieties may need special care, there are plenty which will thrive with the least amount of attention. The best low maintenance indoor plants only need a few minutes of attention each week to thrive. In return, research shows that they can boost our mood and cleanse the air we breathe. As a major added bonus, indoor plants bring an instant injection of style to an interior, and there’s something to suit any size apartment, rented room, college dorm or house.


Just as you’ll find when buying best low maintenance plants, the plant label on indoor varieties will always advise on the best spot to place it too. It’s essential to follow this advice as some houseplants do need more light than others.

Apart from that, a basic watering routine, an occasional wipe of the leaves and a drop or two of soluble plant food in the spring or summer, and you can look forward to happy, healthy foliage on your low maintenance houseplants for years to come.

When choosing a pot to go with your plant, look for features that complement (not compete with) the foliage. If you want the plant to be the star, pick a pot with a simple design or neutral colours. If it’s the pot you want to show off, choose understated foliage. Additionally, make sure that the plant is growing in a pot with drainage holes or it cannot survive. Favoured with self-watering system, Leizisure indoor plastic flowerpots range from modern, nordic,American, vintage styles etc. With over a thousand models of medium-to-high-grade flower planters and various colors, Leizisure flowerpots cover dozens of series including self-watering flowerpots, smart flowerpots, indoor and outdoor flowerpots etc. Whatever your furnishing styles are, you can always find a one you want.

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