Try Grow Plants on Your Handrail


People often feel less bubbly in winter and when spring comes, the pops of colors will raise your spirit. Flowers remind you of the warm days ahead. Having a yard or a garden of flowers must be a great joy for plant lovers. Leizisure rectangular plastic pots for plants provide you with access to grow flowers on rails or fences.

This rail planter has the advantage of using vertical space. Even if you have no space to put plants, you can have a vertical garden on the balcony rail! Leizisure rectangular plastic pots for plants have several finishes – rattan, glossy and matte. You can choose the one you like~ Install this pot and grow greenery in it, then you’ll be able to enjoy the beauty of green lives throughout spring and summer, and even autumn.

rectangular plastic pots for plants

If you’re interested in these planters, read on to know more info. The pots in the pictures are Leizisure self-watering planters, which are practical in growing plants. Why? As soon as the plant gets adapted to this pot, it can water itself in 15 to 30 days. That is to say, the planter helps cut down the watering times and your plant can tolerate more neglect. So how does this work?

Self-watering system

Different from ordinary pots, the self-watering planter(also these rectangular plastic pots for plants) consists of an inner bucket, outer decorative pot, and water-level indicator. The bigger size rail pot has two rectangular inner pots. It is quite convenient for you to grow several kinds of flowers in it. When you water the plant, attention should be given to the water-level indicator. A lot of green hands don’t know how much water they should give to their loving greenery, while the indicator tells you out.

The transparent tube has a max and a min line. When it reads max, you’d better stop watering, for the water reservoir is full of water now. If you water more, the plant will suffer from root rot. Sometimes it might happen. What you should do is take the inner pot out and pour some water out from the outer container.

You may worry that it would be a little bit hard to take the pots out after planting. But on the contrary, it’s easy! Because each inner pot is designed with hidden handles. What do you think about this design? Do you like rectangular plastic pots for plants? Leave your comments below and let us know!



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