Leizisure Plastic Garden Tubs Collection



Today is the Jing Zhe(the Awakening of Insects) in the Chinese lunar calendar. It means that hibernating insects begin to awaken with spring thunder. The rainfall and warmer weather bring life to the earth. When you walk into the garden, the sprouting buds may raise your spirit up. If you have a garden or want to decorate your balcony or patio, just try growing some flowers, trees, herbs, etc to illuminate your space! Leizisure plastic garden tub enables you to savor the chances of gardening~If you’re looking for a flowerpot supplier, contact us and we have manifold plastic plant pots!

As an experienced manufacturer, our factory has kept launching the plastic garden tub, self-watering planter, hanging basket, and so on for years. Last year we’ve developed a new series, the garden fence. There have been dozens of different garden fences up to now. The garden fences help to protect the plants from treading and work as a decorative edging to make your garden or yard look orderly.

decorative garden fence panels

Pots with modern and simple design

This plastic garden tub shown in the picture is practical for outdoor use. Made from PP material, this pot endures for a long time. This environmental-friendly material is harmless to plants so that you can grow fruits and vegetables inside.

If you get interested in Leizisure and our products, you can read more articles published on this web or visit the Alibaba online shop. It’s more convenient that you click the WhatsApp button to chat with us! Tell us your ideas about our flowerpots~

Read on to see our workshop. The workshop is tidy and in order, where workers work diligently inside. The high-quality product is the principle we’ve held long in our business. Also, we’ve attached great importance to customer service and pursued the goal of win-win cooperation.

factory workshop

Here comes another plastic garden tub, the vegetable planter. This raised garden bed makes it easy to plant. You can put it on the balcony and grow some strawberries in it! The height helps the plant to get more sunlight. Plus because it’s designed for growing vegetables, this planter has large enough space. Also made from PP, it’s sturdy and durable. When it’s delivered, the four legs will be taken down. You can click the video to see more details about this planter!



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