Large Plastic Garden Pots


What kind of flowerpot would you choose for your loving plants? Whatever styles of pots you want, our factory can provide you with the best quality plastic flowerpots. When talking about plastic planters, you might think of ordinary pots. Visit Leizisure Alibaba online shop, and you’ll see a range of planters. The baking varnished plant pot and the spray painting pot look like a ceramic pot. We also have hand-brushed series, which shows a vintage style. Today let’s see our large plastic garden pots.

In terms of sizes, the pot’s size should be bigger than your plant so as to leave space for the roots to spread. These large plastic garden pots shown in the picture are colorful and have special patterns on them – the paint seems like flowing from the top. How do you feel about it? Do you like it? Leave your comment below and let us know!

The dumpy spray-painted pot has four sizes and you may choose one that fits your plant well. If you want a vegetable garden in pots, it’s also an optimal choice. Not only does it brighten your garden or balcony, but also it enables you a safe place to grow veggies. The material we use to manufacture flowerpots is eco-friendly.

Certificate we have

Our company believes that environmental protection is important and we do as much as we can to protect our planet and we always dispose and recycle the waste. Plus here are the certificates we have attained – ISO9001:2008 QMS, Made-in-China Audited Suppliers, BSCI certificate, etc.

Leizisure certificate

In addition to the flowing droplets pattern, here is another one. This pot is combined with two colors, yellow and red, which make it look like a sunrise. The peacock plant goes well with the planter.

large plastic garden pots

The peacock plant is a popular houseplant because of its unique foliage. Different from ordinary plants, its leaves have contrasting colors. If you’re a plant lover, this greenery can be a nice addition to your plant collection.


These colorful large plastic garden pots have an artistic appeal. Decked with these ornamental planters, your garden, balcony or patio would be full of energy. To know more products from Leizisure, you can visit our Alibaba shop or click the WhatsApp button to contact us. If you’re always busy and have little time to care for your plants, then our self-watering planter will be your helper. Just see our self-watering page!



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