Hanging Baskets for Trailing Plants


When it comes to indoor decoration, you may think of paintings, wallpapers, flowers, etc. Plants can be a fresh element to illuminate your room. With manifold varieties, there will always be one that fits well with your interior design. Large plants like Bird of Paradise and monstera deliciosa are popular houseplants, while if you don’t have much space to accommodate them, it’s also great to take advantage of the vertical space. Trailing plants together with Leizisure self-watering hanging pots create an attractive cascading view in the house.

Leizisure self-watering hanging pots

Leizisure rattan hanging basket offers you a chance to beautify your vertical space. Growing with vines, the decorative hanging pot will add vitality and natural beauty to your room, garden, balcony, etc. Designed with a rubber plug at its bottom, the self-watering hanging pots are practical to be put both indoor and outdoor. When it’s hung outside, you should take out the plug so that the plants won’t sit in water.

hanging planter

Our company believes that environmental protection is important and we do as much as we can to protect our planet and we always dispose and recycle the waste. Plus here are the certificates we have attained – ISO9001:2008 QMS, Made-in-China Audited Suppliers, BSCI certificate, etc.

Best trailing foliage plants

String of turtles

Hailing from the tropical parts of Brazil, the string of turtles is a lovely greenery with a  unique variegated pattern on its leaves, which looks like a turtle’s shell. The plant flourishes in warm climates but adapts well to average household conditions.

Ivy plant

Ivy plant, a foliage plant, can flourish both outdoor and indoor. The evergreen leaves convey a sense of life and the plant symbolizes fidelity and eternal life for the reason that it will seize something tightly instead of letting go of it. This superb climber is easy to care for and great to grow in self-watering hanging pots. People often let ivy climb on trellis frames or wire topiary, forming into various shapes.

ivy plant in hanging basket

Inch plant

The flesh inch plant is a kind of trailing succulent with unique purple-striped leaves. Like many other succulents, it needs little care and can be grown easily. And it has four common types, which have different variegated leaves.

self-watering hanging pots

The three vines mentioned above need low maintenance so it’s easy to make a live green curtain inside. Do you like this idea? Just have a try!



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