DIY Hanging Planters


Plant is our nice friend who can accompany with us quietly and brings us a sense of nature when we grow them at home. It’s an amazing decorative object that can enliven our room. We’ve talked about how to create a vertical garden indoor, like using wall planters, railing flowerpots and hanging basket. Today we’d like to share how to make a hanging plant pot by yourself. Let’s get it.

Wood slice hanging planter

It is easy to make this beautiful hanging set. You just need a wood slice and hemp rope(jute twine). The most difficult thing in making it, I suppose, is to drill six holes into the wood slice. The six holes are separately distributed in three parts of the slice, forming a triangle. Because triangle is the most stable shape. Next, pull through some twine from the holes, and knot it at the top. You can see the pictures below. After finish it, hanging it anywhere as you like, ceiling, wall, shelf etc. Now just pick a small plant pot to put on the slice.


Here we recommend you with our small-sized self-watering flowerpots. With various shapes and colors, the pots are made of PP plastic, strong, durable but light. The first three pics is YQ-01 plant pot and looks like a ball. Totally, it has five colors. The ice blue and purple one are pretty bright to make your space colorful. And uniquely, its finish is just like a brick wall.


This HG3107-HG311 flowerpot features ceramic-like finish and the design is quite simple. And it resists scratches, dirt, and fingerprints. All of these have self-watering system, which can help you take care of your plant when you’re away from home in 15-30 days.

Leizisure table plant pot

Jar hanging planter

Compared to the last one we’ve mentioned, this one is even easier to make. It takes about three minutes for you to complete. All you have to prepare is a jar and some jute twine. Cut two pieces of twine (about three feet long each). Tie one piece tightly around the lip of the jar, here you get a knot. And then tie the other piece around the lip of the jar to make the knot on the opposite side so that the jar can be hung by the two strings.

Next, you can grow your plant in it. We suggest you to put some stones into the jar to avoid root rot because it don’t have drainage holes. In our last article, we’ve mentioned some common herbs that are great to grow in hanging planters. I think this jar hanging pot is fairly suitable for growing herbs. If you’re interested in it, just click here to look through.

DIY jar hanging plant pot



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