Cute Self-watering Planters for Small Plants


Houseplants add a pop of green (or more colors) to your home and help boost your mood. Considering that a lot of gardening enthusiasts live in small apartments, limited house space is a barrier to grow a range of plants. But by taking advantage of vertical space and small cute self-watering planters, it’s never too hard to have an mini garden indoor.

Small plant pot can be put anywhere in your room: It can sit on your table, desk, kitchen countertop, bookshelf, nightstand, windowsill…If you’re a plant lover, purchasing a plant stand to display your lovely plants not only saves your space, but also creates a corner of small garden in your home. Definitely it can be one of the most creative furniture to your interior design.

boat-shaped self-watering plant pot

Pick some beautiful and cute self-watering planters for your plants to improve your decoration. Leizisure self-watering plant pot is well-made and of high quality. Here’s one kawaii small pot for you. It looks like a boat and its dumpy appearance gives a lovable feeling. This item features baking varnished finish, shiny and pretty.

cute self-watering planters

Do you know what is self-watering system and how does it work? It can be difficult to tell exactly how much water to give your plant at any given time. And over-watering is the biggest reasons that houseplants die. Self-watering flower pots reduce the guesswork of watering by allowing plants to water themselves. Water level indicator shows when there is enough water, and when it needs to be added. Drainage holes in the inner pot helps the moisture to flow into the substrate from the water reservoir.

This is one of our cute self-watering planters. See more plastic flower pot, visit our Leizisure Tmall shop, Alibaba shop, I bet you’ll get what you want. Next, let’s see some plants that are suitable to grow in small containers. We’ve picked out these greenery for your reference.

Cute small plants

Sweetheart Plant

This charming succulent has unique heart-shaped leaves. It’s so cute. When you look it in distance, it’s like someone is lifting a little heart for you.


Peals of strings

The plant has trailing stems that are full of glossy and round leaves, which look like green peas. When the long, skinny stems crawling down the pot, it feels a bit like a pearl necklace.

Plants can be our good friends. Studies have shown that owning houseplants can reduce psychological and physiological stress. Plus, houseplants help clean indoor air. Choose your own plants and start your plant life!



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