Cheap Containers to Grow Vegetables


Autumn comes as the days shorten and become colder. It is the season that everyone may connect it with fruits and harvest. While it’s also a good time to plant some veggies. Here we recommend you some cheap containers to grow vegetables in your home or garden. And also let’s see some fast-grown plants in fall.

If you don’t have the land to grow vegetables, cheap plant pots can be a nice option for you to grow them. Just consider putting them in your balcony and garden.

Cheap containers to grow vegetables you can pick

Leizisure HG2060-2062 plant pot is designed for growing vegetables, it’s big enough to accommodate several kinds of plants in one piece. There are three sizes(small, middle and large) and three colors(green, white and clay red) to choose. Check the specific parameters in the pic. The clay red color together with the rectangular patterns on the surface make it look like a small brick wall.


Leizisure HG2060-2062

cheap containers to grow vegetables

You might worry about it can’t placed indoor, after all it doesn’t have a saucer. But actually with the help of its soil separator(the black plate shown in the pic) and rubber plug, this flower pot works well both inside or outside the house. When put indoor, it’s better to put the plug on, and outdoor, remove it.

soil seperator of vegetable plant pot

Besides this planter, here’s another cheap container of different style. The HG-2011 adopts hand brush painting and it’s of vintage manner. The combination of silver and black, golden and black gives me an image of ancient palace.

These cheap containers to grow vegetables are of competitive price. They’re made of PP material, durable enough to resist deformation under strong sunlight and heat. Being experienced in manufacturing flowerpots for nearly 17 years, our company, Taizhou Shengerda Plastic Corporation, can surely provide you with high-quality planters. If you’re interested in us, you can visit our official website, Alibaba or Tmall shop. Or just feel free to leave your comments below and contact us.

Fast-grown veggies in autumn

Summer planting such as tomato and cucumber become less. There are many vegetables to plant in autumn, which you can harvest through winter and even into early spring. Here are 10 top veggies to plant in autumn, of which you can take a reference: beetroot, radish, broad beans, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, kale, lettuce and onion.



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