Practical Grow Tub for Vegetables


If you’re looking for both decorative and practical grow tub for vegetables, just read on to see this raised garden bed from Leizisure! Container gardening is an alternative to a real garden. Even if the space is limited, it’s also possible to grow your own food. As long as you want to do something, you’ll find the solution. Some of you may suffer from aches and pains to weed your flower beds. With the help of this grow tub for vegetables, you don’t need to squat anymore.

What are the advantages of this planter?

Here we show the details in the picture below. This grow tub for vegetables has a water-level indicator, on which it has max and min lines. If you are not sure about how much water to be given to veggies, just read this indicator, it will help you! The soil separator is designed with many holes and water-absorbing sticks at the bottom of itself. This kind of design stimulates root growth and ensures a healthy environment for plants to breathe and grow. It reduces the risk of root rots.

grow tub for vegetables

When the grow tub for vegetables is placed outdoors, you may worry about the drainage as the excess rainfall tends to sit or run at the bottom of the planter. This vegetable plant pot has two drainage plugs on its two sides. The rubber plugs can be taken out.

rubber plug/ drainage plug

Apart from these strengths, this pot is made from PP plastic and has high quality. The four legs are quite easy to install. The planter can stand steadily on the ground and it can even be used as a stool if you’re tired during your gardening~

The grow tub for vegetables is also an ideal one for kids to grow plants! If your child like plants and gardening, why not take this planter as a gift for your sweetie? Additionally, if you lack time when it comes to watering and weeding, growing veggies in flower pots makes it easy.

So do you like this planter? If it is, tell us! Besides this vegetable planter, Leizisure has a lot of other plant pots, for example, the gallon pots, the rattan series, the baking finished pots, etc. To know more about us, let’s have a chat. We also have online shops on Alibaba and Amazon, you may shop there! Sometimes we have live shows in Tik Tok(Chinese version), follow us and let Leizisure be your supplier!



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