How to Grow Asparagus Ferns


There are manifold plants in nature, some of which are brought indoor as houseplants. Different plants show different styles: For instance, Areca Palm adds a tropical flavor and String of Pearls has a cute and bead-like appearance. And Asparagus Ferns deliver a sense of elegance. This greenery has delicate foliage and looks like a small pine. Grow it in Leizisure decor self watering pots will definitely beautify your space and bring nature inside.

Its twigs arch gracefully like a fern, but the plant belongs to the lily family. Display it on your shelf, table or plant stand, and it will give you an artistic view. And the Asparagus may bloom small white flowers under proper care and right condition.

Let’s see how to grow Asparagus Ferns. Plus we recommend Leizisure #decor self watering pots# to grow it. When handling it, you’d better take on gardening gloves, as the tiny thorns on the stem may scratch you. PS: This plant is mildly toxic to humans and pets, so remember to keep it away from the kids and pets.

decor self watering pots

The elegant plant loves bright but indirect light. Just put it out of direct sunshine. The temperature shouldn’t be lower than 13°C. The bright bathroom is a great place to accommodate it, for the Asparagus thrives in humidity.

Leizisure decor self watering pots

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Leizisure self-watering planter




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