Have a Vertical Garden of Wall


Whether you’re a greenery lover or not, growing plants indoor can certainly enrich your home design. A lot of people choose to place one or two plants in their house for the reason that it brings life and vitality indoor. Actually, a splash of green helps you relieve stress and tiredness. Where would you like to put them? The answers may cover living room, bed room, kitchen etc, while living room might be the most welcomed spot. Because the room is relatively large enough for us to furnish with more elements.

Taking large plants into your home sounds awesome, it’s just like having a new roommate, but she won’t bother you at any time. What you need to do is caring for her, watering, pruning and fertilizing. However, some of us  may have little space left after setting furniture. Arranging some green lives on the table or shelf can be one way, but how about considering taking advantage of your bare wall by using wall planters?

Wall decor ideas

Hanging up paintings, photos to create a gallery wall is great, while building a living wall is novel. It is basically a wall covered in living plants, which can be set in individual planters or assembled together to create a vertical garden. It’s a living piece of artwork. So how to build it? For families, to decorate the whole wall with plants is not that possible, for there isn’t sufficient sunlight and it takes time to take care of.

hanging planter

Thus we advise you to grow plants with several wall planters. Or you can think of fixing some hooks on the wall so as to set hanging flowerpots. Another easy way is buying a hang basket. Just display different plants in the basket to add a diverse visual interest.

Here we invite you have a look at our Leizisure wall planters of high quality. Check out these beautiful flowerpots.

Wall planters

Made of durable PP material, these plant pots applies different techniques. The rattan-like finish is typically popular and fits in various decor styles. I feel like it’s made of natural rattan at the first sight. Isn’t it gorgeous?  And the planter of ceramic texture is of minimalism, simple but showing a sense of artistic. Both of them are equipped with self-watering system. They’re composed of two main parts: inner pot and outer pot. The area between these two pots is called water reservoir, providing water for plants to draw. And the water level indicator makes it even more convenient for you to water your plants.


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