Leizisure Enriches Your Vertical Space


Do you have plants in your kitchen, on your night stand, and all over your living room floor? If every inch of your floor and garden are already covered in plants, it’s time to start thinking vertically. Wall-mounted pots and hanging pots turn your greenery into living wall art, and let you re-write the ecosystem of your space.

Wall planters and  vertical hanging pots  have grown in popularity lately, as they’re able to create versatile visual interest. It’s no wonder plant-lovers are obsessed with them.

Before you shop your wall planter, what would you like to grow in it? Not all plants will look amazing or grow well in a wall-mounted pot. Let us know what you plant and leave your comments.

Grow string Of pearls with Leizisure

String Of Pearls will impress you the moment you see it. This succulent is rightfully named because it resembles an elegant string of pearls. It doesn’t need bright light and grows quickly with minimal water. See the picture below. Here are our plastic hanging plant pots. The left pot is of terracotta style and the right one is newly launched on this November.


Both of them are made of eco-friendly PP plastic, light and durable for outdoor using. The new product has four plain colors – dark gray, white, coffee and black. Each of them will be equipped with chains and a hook. Soil separator helps prevent the roots from soaking in water. With a drainage hole at the bottom, it can drains off excess rainwater to prevent root rot when installed outdoors.

plastic flower pot

Plus, this hanging planter has four sizes in total and detailed parameters are shown in the picture. Adopted injection molding technique and using high-quality material, the pot is resistant to heat and long-lasting.

Leizisure wall-mounted pot

Besides the hanging basket, this wall-mounted pot is also the new arrival. It can be placed on wall, fence, handrail and so on.

wall-mounted pot

The string of beads will look amazing in our wall planter. Subtle and stylish, this planter has a simple and elegant look and comes in plain color. It’s fun to trim the drooping vines and propagate it. Simply cut or pinch off a length (around 4 inches), place it on top of well-draining soil mix and lightly cover it. Soon you’ll be able to enjoy this stunning succulent for a very long time in your new pots!

string of pearls



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