Leizisure Children’s Day


Children’s Day is not a day that belongs to kids only now, instead, many people of all ages like to celebrate this day. Even if we’re no longer children, we always tend to have a “childish” attitude towards life. Stay young and keep moving. Leizisure held an entertaining party for both kids of the staff and the employees. Read on to see how our company spent the day! We planned some interesting games relating to Leizisure plastic flowerpots~ Do you have any ideas? Let me tell you.

By the way, you might not believe that the snow-white is our boss Jack! He has a good fit in this suit. I still remember he wore a Chinese-style dress at the annual party of our company. It’s unforgettable. Next, let me raise a question for you: Who is the woman beside the snow-white? Have a guess and tell us in the comment~

For this event, our boss organized a “watermelon growing” competition. The task is to ask the kids to grow the watermelon seedling in the flowerpot. The first one who cultivates the blossom will be awarded a garden bed from Leizisure, which is a quite practical vegetable planting garden box. The small plant pots held in their hand is our children’s planter. Its size is great for kids to use.

Play games!

Although small, this planter has a high quality. Look at the picture below. The pots are inverted on the floor and lined in rows. We have to take a table tennis bat in one hand, keeping the ping pong staying on the bat while walking on the “pot road”. The ability to keep balance is important. Have you tried this kind of game before? If not, just have a try. It’s fun.

In addition to this game, we also have a ball-tossing game. We prepared two relatively high plant pots and several tennis balls. Participants will stand around a meter away from the planter and then toss the ball. Everyone has 5 times and if the ball stays in the pot, a point will be awarded. The first whose score tops the list will be given a Lego building block toy.

How do you feel about Leizisure Children’s Day? Above all, I just mentioned two of our games, if you want to watch the video, you may follow our YouTube channel or contact us~ Hope you have a nice day.



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