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Life is short and you deserve to be happy. Treasure the moment now and have a positive attitude! If you’re stressed out, you may take a break to relax your mind. Our factory has a rooftop garden, where we can have a rest and spend time with various flowers and plants. After staying with these green lives, we’ll feel energized and go back to work in a good mood. Gardening is amazing! Our factory has manufactured manifold plastic flowerpots for more than 17 years. And we can be your great ornamental flower pots China supplier.

Leizisure – Chinese manufacturer

The common pots seen in the market often put traditional mesh pads inside. The mesh pad helps prevent soil loss. While after using it for a long time, the roots will grow all through the holes, which may make it hard for repotting, since it will cause harm to roots. To solve this problem, Leizisure self-watering planter factory is comprised of the inner pot and the outer planter.

mesh pads

The outer one is ornamental and can hold excess water. The inner bucket has protruding sticks at its bottom. And it’s designed for plants to absorb water from the outer pot. The Leizisure ornamental flower pots China have the water-storing function so that you can even water the plant every 20-45 days a time. It’s best for those busy groups who don’t have much time to take care of plants.

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Leizisure is one of our self-owned brands. Self-watering planter is the featured product. The while color flower pots sell well both in the domestic and the abroad market. The polishing finish and minimalist modern style make them a beautiful decoration to the room. To see more ornamental flower pots China, you can visit our Alibaba online shop, or just contact us directly. We’ll give you the catalog ~ As a professional producing factory, we can offer you high-quality pots at the most competitive price!

This is a corner of our factory. For some of the big plant pots, we design hidden wheels at the bottom of them for the purpose of easy moving(you can see this detail in the picture above). What do you think of it? If you are looking for large pots to decorate the hall, supermarket, airport, etc, why not consider Leizisure? The ornamental flower pots China has kinds of series like a rattan plant pot, hand-brushed planter, self-watering hanging basket, and so on. Contact us and give Leizisure a chance to meet your needs!

Leizisure flowerpots


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