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Do you know what is biophilia? Biophilia is the idea that human beings have an intrinsic tendency to seek connection with nature and other life forms. This may explain why a lot of people love gardening and planting. No matter growing greenery indoor or outdoor, Leizisure provides the best plant pot for you. The outdoor pots & planters shown in the picture are our new arrival.

outdoor pots & planters

As an experienced flowerpot manufacturer and supplier, Taizhou Shengerda Plastic Corporation, the owner of Leizisure, is enthusiastic about growing plants. Thus we’ve put efforts on designing self-watering planter so as to help plant lovers better look after their loving greenery.


Holding the belief of environmental protection, our factory uses eco-friendly PP plastic to produce pots. Garden potting requires a durable and sturdy planter that can drain well. With a strict quality control mechanism, our factory manufactures high-grade outdoor pots & planters.

plastic plant pot

Easy-to-grow outdoor plants

The first one is black-eyed susan. The “black eye” is named for the dark, brown-purple centers of its daisy-like flower heads. The yellow bloom will definitely illuminate your garden in cold days.

black-eyed susan in outdoor pots & planters

Native to North America, it is one of the most popular wildflowers grown. They tend to blanket open fields, and usually surprise passersby with their golden-yellow beauty. The plants can grow to over 3 feet tall, with leaves of 6 inches, stalks over 8 inches long, and flowers with a diameter of 2 to 3 inches.

The second one is peace lily. Peace lily stands out in varieties of plants for its low maintenance. It is a tropical plant that flourishes on the forest floor, where it receive dappled sunlight and consistent moisture. With enough light, it produces white to off-white flowers starting in the early summer, blooming throughout the year under right care.

peace lily in outdoor pots & planters

When it comes to watering, keeping the soil moist is important but do not overwater. It’s better to keep them in temperatures above 60°F. They do best in temperatures upwards of 70°F. Put it in a bright area but remember to avoid direct afternoon sunlight.

Leizisure self-watering planter

Leizisure firmly upholds the principle of manufacturing quality plastic flowerpots. We believe that win-win cooperation is vital. To know more info about Leizisure, you can visit our online shops or official web.



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