Leizisure Huge Flower Pot


“There are always flowers for those who want to see them, said Henri Matisse. Flowers are beautiful items. This is the perfect time to enjoy various blossoms! We feel energized in this growing season. What kind of flower do you like? Hydrangea, sunflower, camellia, roses, or something else, just tell us in the comment! This Leizisure huge flower pot is a practical tub to grow flowers and veggies.

Leizisure has spent dozens of years developing self-watering planters and now this series has been widely recognized by the global market. Being enthusiastic about gardening and planting, our factory has two gardens. The picture shows a corner of Leizisure office garden. Our colleagues love to have a break in this area when theyre tired during work. This huge flower pot was launched last year and has three colors, white, brown, and dark blue.

This raised garden bed is made from PP plastic. This material is environmentally friendly and you can feel free to grow vegetables and fruits inside. Our customers grow strawberries in it. As you can see, this huge flower pot can stand steadily on the ground and it has high quality. See our cute model is posing in this pot!

The huge flower pot has drainage holes on its two sides. When its used outdoors, you can take out the rubber plug so the excess water can drain away. Plus you can also connect these planters together through the holes by using pipes. The four legs would be taken apart when its packaged so as to save space. The legs are easy to install.

The container is equipped with a soil separator and this mat with holes and protruding sticks at its bottom prevents roots from rotting. Isnt it a useful gardening tub? What do you think of this huge flower pot? Tell us your thoughts in the comment! To know more details like parameters, you can talk with us directly by Click the WhatsApp button~

Garden fences Leizisure

Besides manifold plant pots, Leizisure has garden fences! The decorative fence panels are also made from durable PP. Bump-resistant and non-toxic, these fences can be optimal objects to give you a tidy garden or yard. Which pattern do you like? The mesh fence sells well. If youre looking for a reliable supplier and a flowerpot manufacturer, come to know about Leizisure! Tell us what you need!



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