Leizisure Stackable Flower pot


This sunny season is a growing period for almost all kinds of plants. After a long hibernation, they have accumulated energy to bloom up. In our last several articles, we’ve seen Leizisure new plastic tub for growing vegetables. The raised garden bed is really a helpful planter to make your garden organized and create a container garden! Today let’s have a look at another veggie plant pot, the stackable flower pot. As its name suggests, this flowerpot can be stacked together! Read on to see more details.

This stackable flower pot of one set consists of four pots and a saucer. Interestingly, this planter can also work as a hanging pot. You can choose to buy the hook and chains from us. For each pot, it looks like the clover leaves. It’s better to grow vegetables in a container with a large space, while some people might be troubled by the limited space. Here the stackable flower pot takes advantage of vertical space.

stackable flower pot

Drainage function is a necessity for a plant pot, otherwise, the plants are easy to suffer from root rots. This stackable flower pot has soil separators, which enable roots to breathe freely. If you put a layer of ceramsite balls on the separator and then fill the pot with soil, it will be great for moisture to spread evenly.

soil separator

In addition to vegetables, this stackable flower pot is optimal to accommodate herbs and flowers. The gardener of Leizisure has planted this beautiful flower in it, and what do you think of it? Do you like this planter?

Take Shengerda as your supplier

If you’re looking for a flower pot supplier, I believe Leizisure can be your reliable partner! With above 17-year of experience in manufacturing plastic pots, we’ve exported goods to the global market. Owned by Taizhou Shengerda Plastic Corporation, Leizisure has the capability to provide OEM and ODM services to clients, because we’re a factory manufacturer!

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