Leizisure Children’s Flower Pot


Children’s day is around the corner, what do you prepare for your kids as a gift? Candies, toys, game consoles, etc are common ones to see on the present list. Here let’s see a different and unusual one: Children’s flower pot set! Leizisure launched this planter, particularly for kids. Read on to see more details~ I bet your kids will love it! It’s a nice way to let them do something on their own.

This children’s flower pot set consists of an outer decorative planter, an inner bucket, and a small cute shovel. The small size is ideal for kids to grow plants. Succulents are easy-to-grow types worth a try. You’ll feel more closed to nature in this process of simple planting. Just encourage your kids to take action!

As you can see, the inner bucket of this children’s flower pot is semitransparent, making it easy for you to observe the root growth condition. The four supporting legs are suggested to put some mineral stones or clay pebbles inside, which is beneficial for water roots to form. The planter is able to store a small amount of water at the bottom, and in this way save your times of water-filling work. Because the plant itself can absorb water from the “water reservoir”.

What are your favorite planting/gardening ideas for kids? Tell us in the comment. In addition to this children’s flower pot, some other self-watering planters are great options as a present, too. Here I’d like to show you one of Leizisure hot-selling, the dumpy square planter that is perfect for succulents combination.

Square succulent planter

What do you think of this square planter with high gloss? Considering succulents are those hardy plants, this planter is designed with a relatively low height compared with other normal pots. You can take your children to the local garden center to pick up some plants they like. Bring them home and accompany your kids to plant them.

This gift is quite different from the common ones we saw before. This vivid and lively beauty will last for a long time. It may keep company with your kids when they grow up. With a decorative appearance, it’s beautiful enough to be put on your desk or table!

If you want to browse more planters from us, welcome to visit our self-watering and news page to read our previous articles, and also the products page~ We’re a factory manufacturer and highly value customer service!



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