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April 20th is the Grain Rain, also known as Guyu in Chinese, of 2022. This is the sixth of the 24 solar terms and also the last one of Spring. You may hear of solar terms before and these are in connection with agricultural affairs. Commonly, you’ll capture these images during this period: The poplar blossoms fall while the cuckoos chirp, willow catkins flying, peony sprouting, cherry ripening. What a nice scene! Do you find these changes in your daily life? If not, why not take a time to observe the beauty of Spring? Or grow some plants and bring vitality home. Today Leizisure will show you one popular self-watering tub, one that adds a special taste to interior design!

Self-watering tub & no more root rot

The smart unique sub-irrigation system is one of the most appealing aspects among all Leizisure planters. The easy-to-use separated integrated water reservoir or catcher- keeps your soil well aerated and automatic supplies plants with the right amount of ongoing moist air and nutrition for optimal growth. The insert indicator shows you the exact time to water again. The full water supply period can single-handedly last over 3 weeks based on different live plants.

High gloss process of automobile grade

The complex process vitalizes the new life to the pot, differing from the traditional pot injected directly. A high gloss finish with a smooth texture gives a ceramic look to these decorative flower pots. The perfect self-watering tub can satisfy even those who have obsessive-compulsive disorder.

Unlike other low-cost pots with an inner mat inside, the removable inner basin with hidden handles of the self-watering tub can make plant replacement convenient and prevent dirt into outer pot. The large interior is suitable for more plants, such as cactus, bulb, herbs, succulents, ivy, strawberry, triflora, pothos, orchids, nepenthes pitcher, spider plant, asparagus fern, African violet, etc., it’s especially friendly to those plants with long, big, tall or dense root.

This intelligent self-watering tub won’t let you miss watering again! The hydroponic device keeps water ready, then watering time is at your discretion on the gauge. The design of drainage plug and spillway hole is to avoid cycles of over-watering and under-watering, pull out the plug to drain the excess water on rainy days outdoors. The sufficient water supply system enables double the water-efficient than conventional pots. Don’t be anxious about missing watering while you enjoy a long term holiday on a journey or travel outside

Long lasting vibrant colors and virtually unbreakable

Be benefit of top-quality durable frost and UV resistant PP plastic with high-class high gloss process, the fresh details show permanently with metal or ceramic texture, no rusting, no peeling, no denting, keep durable longer that won’t fade in direct sunlight. Choose Leizisure as your self-watering tub supplier and hope to meet you in our factory!

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