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There’s more to life than working. Entertaining activities are of necessity in our daily life. Last week our sales department organized a spring outing and went to a camping site. It’s a really special experience. Do you like camping? A lot of people addict to electronic devices and get adapted to a fast-paced life. Sometimes just slow down and see what happens around you. Take some time to disconnect from technology and reconnect with nature! In today’s article, we’d like to share our relaxing moments~ By the way, if you’re looking for a plant pot supplier, you may contact us by clicking the WhatsApp button, and we’ll send you our catalogue! Any questions, just feel free to leave your comments~

Are you a foodie and do you like this Korean flavor spicy hotpot? It’s really yummy~ The hotpot is both an easy and convenient food for camping, for you only need to prepare some instant goodies, seasoning packets, and bottles of water!

Plus barbecue is an ideal match for outdoor events, and don’t forget sparkling beverages! If you don’t need to drive after the party, drinking some beer is cool. What do you usually eat when camping? Tell us in the comment~

The weather that day is not bad, although it rained now and then. The rain hit the tent and brought a quiet atmosphere. We sheltered in a tent, playing games together! The unexpected rain added an unusual taste. When it stopped raining, we all stood up and have a dramatic play!

When the night came, everything turned to be romantic and pretty. The sunset told us now it was time to enjoy a revelry. The camping site provided a karaoke service and anyone who want to sing can go to take the microphone.

A bonfire is essential for camping. Surrounded by sweetie music, we circled the fire hand in hand. It’s really an impressive night. Through these activities, our relationship has stepped further, after all, we’ve spent such joyful moments together! I feel fairly grateful for this friendly and kind team!

Let Leizisure(plant pot supplier) be your friends!

Have you ever tried camping with your friends or family? I think it’s worth trying! Welcome to share your camping experience with us. Here at the end of today’s article, I’d like to share a photo of our team~ To know more about us, you can have a chat with us online or watch our live show. Let’s meet online! We want to be your friends!

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