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Recently the live show has dominated social media. The themes range from delicious food, gardening life, games, sports to goods sales, etc. Live commerce is transforming online shopping. Do you often buy something through streaming shows and what do you think of it? China has a strong transportation network and a complete express delivery system, which promote the development of the live-streaming economy. Our company also has live shows on Alibaba and Tik Tok(Chinese version), just come to follow us, and let’s meet and chat during the show! If you’re looking for a garden pots manufacturer, Leizisure can be your best choice~

Leizisure is Taizhou Shengerda Plastic Corporation’s self-owned brand, the featured product of which is a self-watering planter. We are able to supply you with manifold plastic flower pots, for we’re a garden pots manufacturer with over 30 years experience. We have attended Canton Fair since 2003, while affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Fair was hosted online.

Leizisure rattan series self-watering planter

Because of the coronavirus, a lot of people are under quarantine and work from home. We never feel that hanging out is such an important thing. Thus indoor activities emerge in kinds of forms, like doing exercise indoors. Liu Genghong has been a popular online celebrity in China now, whose fans grew from 10 million to over 30 million in only several days. Now he has 50 million fans! Have you heard of him? He does aerobics in his live show in Tik Tok(Chinese version) with his wife, Vivi. If you want to keep fit or lose some weight, it’s not bad. Have a try! Plus do you know Pamela Reif? She is popular in China too!

Leizisure – garden pots manufacturer

In addition to exercising, growing houseplants is also welcomed. Many buddies around me grow vegetables at home so that they can eat what they plant. Container gardening is ideal for balconies, patios, etc. As a professional garden pots manufacturer, Leizisure launched a raised garden bed for veggies. Look at the picture below. Is it a nice planter?

plastic flower tub

This plant pot has a large space, so you can plant fruits and veggies inside and you’ll have a harvest! With a water-level indicator, it tells you how much water you should give to the plants. The soil separator is effective to prevent root rots. On its two sides, it has rubber plugs. When it’s taken off, the excess water can drain away from the holes. Take out the four legs, it turns to be a large rectangular tub. You can directly put it on the ground! Isn’t useful and decorative? If you’re interested in this garden pot or want to see more pots from us, just send messages to us!

grow tub for vegetables



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