Outdoor Flowerpots for Spring Planting 


Founded in 1989, Taizhou Shengerda Plastic Corporation(hereinafter Shengerda) has more than 30 years of experience in manufacturing plastic products. Located in Jinao industrial district, Shenegrda has its own factories. With over 100 workers, we have a complete and strict flow of production as a flower pot manufacturer. Having thousands of molds, we are sure to provide you with kinds of plastic pots! Here shows you some outdoor flowerpots for spring planting~

Dashing design from Leizisure

When it comes to plant pots, what hit your mind? For me, it may be terracotta pots and some gallon pots, for these are quite common to see in the market. While if it’s used for outdoor decoration, these pots might not be a great choice. The first pot we’re going to recommend is Leizisure(flower pot manufacturer) stone effect planter. What do you think of this dashing design? It has a similar appearance as the stone pot, while the weight is fairly different. Made from durable recyclable plastic and natural stone powders, these planters are light and therefore transportable.

Engaging a modern minimalist style, this dashing pattern planter will elevate your favorite greenery, too. The pragmatic pot is equipped with an inner bucket, which is used for holding plants and soil. The self-watering system creates a healthy living environment for your plants. Ferns, pothos, and spider plants will thrive in these breathable planters. Tell us your ideas about this sturdy pot in the comment! Let Shengerda be your flower pot manufacturer! Also, it can withstand harsh weather conditions and is free from frost, cracks, and peel damage.

When we talk about buying something, we pay much attention to the quality and also the price. Our products are under strict quality control and if you’re worried about it, we accept sample orders! Plus OEM and ODM are available, too. In pursuit of longer cooperation and friendship between our clients, Shengerda(flower pot manufacturer) highlights customer service. Welcome to contact us!

factory workshop

Leizisure railing planter

This railing planter is one of our best sellers. This kind of plant tub helps save space and make your railings special! Just take one to adorn your indoor and outdoor areas: living room, study room, kitchen, porch, patio, deck, balcony, etc. You can notice that it has a rattan surface, which adds a rustic and villatic feeling. Colorful blooms show their beauty in this simple planter.

railing planter from flower pot manufacturer

Above all are the two pots we recommend today, to see more items, contact us to get the catalog and price~ We have online shops on Alibaba, welcome to shop in it!



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