Let’s Plant and Embrace Spring


Spring is a season full of hope. March 12 is China’s Arbor Day. Let’s plant a tree and make a contribution to environmental protection within our efforts! Arbor Day originated in Nebraska, United States, in 1872 as a day observed for planting trees. The popularity of the day soon caught the fancy of the world, and the day began to be celebrated on different days under different names in various parts of the world. What’s the date of Arbor Day on your side? If you cannot plant a tree by yourself, it’s also great to own one mini potted tree. Let the tree bring spring inside your home. Leizisure ornamental pot China offers your chances to revel in gardening~

Leizisure ornamental pot China

Bringing a planter of mini tree indoors is a great way to add vitality. Take this Leizisure self-watering planter to decorate a corner of your space! See this video and let’s grow a mini elm bonsai together.

Do you like this mini elm tree? Just tell us in the comment! As you can see, the ornamental pot China has an elegant appearance. The two-planter design makes it perfect for indoor plant growing. The excess water won’t wet the floor. Traditionally we use a saucer to hold a flowerpot and sometimes the water in the saucer will cause some unpleasant bugs. Take Leizisure self-watering plant pot and you’ll be away from this trouble.

The tube standing on the ornamental pot China is the water-level indicator. It offers guidance that how much water and when you should water the greenery. Thus it’s a friendly and intelligent pot for green hands.

Leizisure — a professional Chinese manufacturer and supplier   

Over 17 years’ experience in producing plastic tubs for flowers has enabled us to be a seller and supplier to export plant pots around the globe. We’re determined to provide you with high-quality products. Our company values customer service, hoping to satisfy your needs as much as we can.

We have plenty of flowerpots, ranging from ordinary pots like gallon pots and nursery pots to self-watering planters. The gallon pots and nursery pots are fairly welcomed in the American market. Watch this video and you’ll see how strong and unbreakable our gallon pots are!

Leizisure gallon pots

To know more about our products, you may browse our Alibaba online shop or our official webs. It’s even convenient to click the WhatsApp button on the screen to contact us directly! Talk with us and get the quote~



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