Potted Plant Centerpieces


Greenery has gained great popularity in furnishing indoor space. With vibrant plants, the interior design is full of possibilities. Served as decorative objects, usually they’re placed on the floor, shelf, table, windowsill and so on. But what about making it a centerpiece? Pick up some plants and table flower pots from Leizisure and it will be a novel decor.

Potted Plant Centerpieces

Commonly floral arrangement is used as a centerpiece, while cut flowers won’t last for long. It may be impractical to constantly buy fresh-cut bouquet since it’s costly to purchase them every 7 to 15 days. So if you’re looking for a fresh approach, how about using plants with ornamental table flower pots as centerpieces?

Succulent centerpieces for tables

Succulent, a lovely plant of various types, can thrive both indoors and outdoors. They can be your perfect centerpieces for both their low maintenance and fascinating appearance.


Since Christmas is on the corner, DlY a succulent centerpiece for your holiday meal is amazing. And you can use your holiday plants for the rest of the year! Just enlist some succulents and pick up several beautiful table flower pots to create a fresh, seasonal, and green centerpiece.


Leizisure table flower pots

This planter is designed for growing succulents. The inner space of the pot is large enough for plant lovers to make a combination. The plant pot features baking varnished finish and looks like a ceramic pot. Glossy and attractive, this flowerpot has self-watering system. Consisting of inner bucket, outer container and water level indicator, the succulent pot helps your plant water itself. To see how the self-watering system works, you can read our previous articles.

Let’s see how our customers combine these cute succulents.

table flower pots

Mini orchid centerpieces

Besides succulent, mini orchid is also a nice option. It can pull off a festive look with ease. Mini orchids, like standard size orchids, come in various colors, such as pink, white, purple, and yellow. Most of them will bloom for several months as long as they are properly cared for.

Leizisure orchid plant pot

This on-trend plant pot possesses clean appearance with shiny surface. Its simple design perfectly matches the elegance of orchids, giving a pleasing visual interest for you.



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