Rail Plant Pot for Viola


Viola are cool-season bloomers with a big family of over 500 different species, including annuals, perennials, and even sub-shrubs. The varied colors will certainly vitalize your garden. Last time we’ve recommended hanging basket to grow these bright and cheery plants. Today we’d like to show our rail plant pot, which can be a large home for viola to settle in.

Leizisure rail plant pot

This rail plant pot is of nordic simplicity style and features a ceramic-like finish that resists scratches and dirt. The planter adopts top-quality craftsmanship and is durable to any type of weather to maintain color, form and functionality for many years to come. Completely resistant to heat, rain and frost, the flowerpot is quite easy to clean. And it’s suitable for both round and rectangular fences, railings or barriers of up to 5cm thickness.

rail plant pot

When you receive this planter, you’ll see these two accessories, the water level indicator and soil separator. The indicator is a helpful assistant who can tell you if it’s the proper time you should water your plant. The soil separator is a tool designed to avoid root rot. Commonly, in the process of planting, we suggest putting some substrate on the separator, which can store the moisture and help your new plant to take roots through it.

Violas loves water. Thus a flowerpot that drains well is what you need. This rail plant pot has drainage holes at the bottom. It’s better to pull the rubber plug out when hung outside. Enjoy this fast-grown plant in Leizisure planter.

The baking varnished pot has four colors: white, light gray, red and coffee, all of which are welcomed colors in the markets.

Tips for planting violas

If you grow them from seeds, you should spread viola seeds on the top of the soil and then cover it with soil around a half centimeter. Let the soil remain moist in 7 to 14 days until it sprouts. And divide the seedlings when it grows to about 8 inches.

If you choose to buy some young plants, choose small transplants and plant them at the same depth as nursery pots. Space transplants about 8 inches apart.

Violas flourishes in partial shade during warm weather. During cooler weather, violas likes to grow in full sun. Do not let them dry out, and they do best with regular water.



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