The Superb Climber: Ivy Plant


Ivy plant, a foliage plant, can flourish both outdoor and indoor. The evergreen leaves convey a sense of life and the plant symbolizes fidelity and eternal life for the reason that it will seize something tightly instead of letting go of it. This superb climber is easy to care and great to grow in rattan hanging basket. People often let ivy climb on trellis frames or wire topiary, forming into various shapes.

Hanging basket for Ivy plant

Leizisure rattan hanging basket offers you a chance to take advantage of your vertical space. Together with the ivy plant, the decorative hanging pot will add vitality and natural beauty to your room, garden, balcony etc. Designed with a rubber plug at its bottom, this rattan hanging basket is practical to be put both indoor and outdoor. When it’s hung outside, you should take out the plug so that the plants won’t sit in water.

Leizisure plastic rattan hanging basket

You might have seen this vine trail along the trees, fences and walls, but you may seldom see their flowers, right? It usually bloom between September and November, and flowers in an umbrella-like shape.

English ivy flower

Do you know how long can a ivy plant grow into? Most of the ivies can spread almost unlimitedly. Thanks to their low maintenance, they’re easy to pruned to nearly whatever size you want when taken indoor.

When it comes to indoor ivy care, one of the most important factors is light. These plants like bright light. Variegated cultivars like medium light and when they lack light, the variegation may become inapparent.

Rattan hanging basket is one of the best pots to grow ivies. Interestingly, you can grow it with some large plants to make a combination. The picture attached below is taken from our rooftop garden. The tree and the ivy plant can flourish together.

Leizisure rooftop garden



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