Try DIY a Mini Plant World


What do you usually do in your leisure time? How will you spend days with your child? Go to the garden, zoo, shopping mall, see a movie or something else. Tell us your activities in the comment! Here we recommend you DIY a mini plant world together with your kids. It’s an entertaining educational way to develop a taste and ability to take action. All you need are a flower pot and some plants. Leizisure has a decorative pot for succulents (Chinese supplier). The succulents are great low-maintenance greenery and have a wide range of types. Thus it would be wise to use them to make a combination!

You may ask your child to select the plants too. In addition to this square shape, this series also has a round one. See the picture below and you can have a reference. After arranging these elements, it’s pleasing that this mini plant world will decorate your space for a long time. The decorative pot for succulents (Chinese supplier) has the advantage of practical function and being able to fit with most indoor furnishing styles.

decorative pot for succulents

Plus different from the glossy surface, here is the sandy finish, which looks like the surface of the cement. The rough appearance delivers a rustic style. It’s suitable to put them in the garden.

The decorative pot for succulents (Chinese supplier) is made from PP, an eco-friendly plastic. This kind of material has the merit of durable use. The painted color won’t easily fade away. After the production of pots, our workers will do the quality test. For example, throw the planter from the roof deck so as to test its strength. And for the large gallon pot, it can bear around 90 kg load.

large gallon pot

Get close to Leizisure

We’re a Chinese manufacturer who has more than 17-year experience and have sold our products to clients around the globe. Our factory has long worked on providing high-quality goods and has highly valued customer service. The decorative pot for succulents is one of the Leizisure self-watering planters. If you are interested in us, contact us and give Leizisure a chance to be your supplier.

Leizisure manifold flowerpots

You can visit our Alibaba online shop to look through the flowerpots we have, or just click the Whatsapp button, our sale is always prepared to meet you! Tell us your needs and we accept OEM and sample orders.



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