Viola Hanging Basket 



Violas bloom primarily in cool and cold seasons, giving a pop of colors to your garden or patio in winter. Growing these colorful flowers in our viola hanging basket will definitely add a gorgeous visual interest to the vertical space in your balcony and garden.


Most of them have five petals dotted with different shades of purple, pink, white, black or even more other colors. If you grow them properly in the hanging pot, it’s possible to get a large flower ball.

Leizisure is our self-owned brand, possessing dozens series of plastic flowerpots. The hanging basket series covers many products, all of which are made of PP materials, while adopt different techniques. They’re durable enough to bear outdoor conditions. The viola hanging basket shown below is our rattan surface series.

colorful viola hanging basket


This plant pot looks like real rattan basket when in coffee or black colors, and there are a lot colors for your option. It’s composed of two parts, the inner bucket and the outer container. If you a planting beginner, you might be puzzled about how much water you should give to your plant. This flowerpot can clear up your confusion.

Self-watering featured plant pot

You can see the water store at the bottom of the planter in the picture below. This area is what we call water reservoir, where plants can absorb water from it. It imitate the mode that the plants grow in land have. Without rainfall in a long period, the plants’ root may grow deeper and extend wider under ground so as to look for water.

When a new plant repotted into our self-watering planter, offer it some time to adapt to the new home. Water it slowly and make sure the soil is wet. The excessive water will flow into the water reservoir. When the soil gets dry, repeat it in the first 30 to 40 days.

self-watering plant pot

After these days, you can water through the holes beside the water level indicator. While watering, the red stick in the indicator will rise. If it rises to the max line, it means the reservoir is full now. It’s better not leave too much water in the pot, especially if your plant are types that don’t like much water.

Violas prefer full sun and to be watered thoroughly and often. So you can add water to the max line. And when the red stick drops to the min line, water it again. To know more information about Leizisure #viola hanging basket#, visit our official website or Alibaba shop.



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