Enjoy Plants in Leizisure Wall Planter


Vines like string of hearts and string of pearls are perfect plants for building a vertical garden. Flowers like Petunias are highly welcomed, both in garden beds, wall-mounted pots and hanging baskets. Available in all kinds of colors, sizes, and shapes, there will always be a petunia for virtually every situation.

This wall hung planter along with this vibrant bloom make your bare wall vivid and full of life. Plus herbs can also flourish in this wall pot, like mint, rosemary etc. With various colors, it’s fun to make a combination on your own. The terracotta or clay-like appearance does add rustic and casual feeling to your space.

wall plant pot

Different from this style, the hand brushed wall hung planter makes another vintage statement. The edge of the pot is designed with a wavy shape, which has a softer feeling as a whole. It’s perfect for garden, porch and balcony wall decoration, and fit in well with both indoor and outdoor scenes.

hand-brushed wall planter

With humanized design, the soil separator helps to protect roots from soaking in water. The small holes on the pad improve the environment for roots to breathe. Drainage holes can be seen at the bottom of the planter. We all know that for outdoor planting, a drainage hole is of necessity for a pot. Thus try our antique wall plant pot. It won’t let you down.

vertical hanging pot

Plus do you have a pothos in your home? Pothos is quite easy to reproduce. It’s a nice idea to grow a pothos wall by yourself. It won’t be too hard. If you want to know how to propagate it, you can have a look at our previous articles.

New wall hung planter

Last month we’ve launched some new products, one of which is this simple wall-mounted pot. Made of recyclable PP plastic, it’s both eco-friendly and long-lasting.

wall-mounted pot

Being able to sit on rail and fence, the wall hung planter shows the advantage in saving space. All of the pots mentioned above are of our hanging series. Our factory will launch new products in accordance with our customers’ needs, as we always highly value our customers’ advice.

Leizisure firmly upholds the principle of manufacturing high-quality plastic flowerpots. We believe that win-win cooperation is vital. To know more info about Leizisure, you can visit our online shops or official web.



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