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Have you heard of it: Flowers are very important thing, without which life could not go on. Do you agree with this view? Actually, we won’t think of this kind of question normally, because flowers accompany us every time when Spring comes, furthermore, we can see different kinds of blossoms at almost any time of the year. The importance of them, to some extent, is undoubted. Do you plant any flowers on your own? Here Leizisure recommends a saddle planter for you. This is a unique planter that will make your railings special!

See the saddle planter

The saddle planter gets its name because when it’s set on the railing or fence, it looks like a saddle sitting over there! The plant pot shown above has a rattan-like finish and adds a rustic style. The white and coffee colors are welcomed ones among the American and European markets. For this planter, it has a smaller size, and here comes the picture.

Is it beautiful, my buddy? The white saddle planter, along with the bright-color plants really amazes me! This kind of contrast is a great way to decorate the garden, balcony, or patio. Oh! Can you guess where is this picture taken from? Have a guess! It’s the front porch of our office, haha. I love this saddle planter.

The saddle planter has various colors available for you to choose from. As a factory manufacturer with over 17 years of experience, Leizisure can provide you with OEM and ODM services.

You may worry whether this saddle planter can sit on the railings firmly. Let me answer your question. This flowerpot is equipped with brackets so as to keep it secured perfectly to the railing. If you like this pot, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Here is another saddle planter, a new window box for plants, which takes advantage of vertical space. Leizisure has been working on developing new planters all the time and is capable of providing you with manifold plastic tubs for plants. To know more about us, you may browse our previous articles.

This flower pot has a simpler appearance. Made from eco-friendly PP, it can resist daily wear and tear and is not easy to deform or crack. It is very light and easy to carry. A drainage hole is necessary for better growing plants. This plant box, as you can see, has drainage holes on its two sides, making it practical for outdoor uses.

Leizisure plastic tubs for plants


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