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There is a saying in the countryside of China: “Spring equinox, wheat rises, time is as precious as gold.” Seize the time to go into nature with family or friends, admiring the beautiful spring! Blossom is amazing! Flying kites is one of the traditional activities on this day. Seeing the kites flying in the air, you’ll feel fulfilled! In this digital-addicted and fast-paced time, relaxing is important. Watch this video and have a laugh~ We’re a professional plastic pots supplier!

Plants have accumulated energy throughout their hibernation in winter. When spring comes, they become lively and grow vigorously. The present time is the best occasion to grow a new plant. Let’s make a planter of bonsai together! If you’re looking for a plastic pots supplier, Leizisure will be your optimal choice. We’re in Taizhou City, Zhejiang Province and the nearest port is Ningbo port.

Leizisure self-watering planter

Self-watering planter is Leizisure’s featured plant pot. It has gained great popularity in the global market. Indoor and outdoor use is both available. The decorative look makes the self-watering series super nice to be put indoors. People often take advantage of plants to bring life into the house. And undoubtedly it’s effective. The various types of greenery show different styles. For instance, large plants like Areca Palm and Bird of Paradise add a tropical feeling. Pick some beautiful self-watering planters from Leizisure, an experienced plastic pots supplier.

Small plants like succulents decorate your room in another way. It’s fun to make a combination of them. If you’re a plant lover, a shelf displayed with plants must be a charming decor for you! While for green hands, it’s not easy to take care of plants indoors. Our self-watering system helps you grow plants! Let’s see how it works.

The planter consists of the outer ornamental container and the inner bucket. The bottom area of the pot is called a water reservoir. With the help of the water-level indicator, it tells you how much water you should give to the plant. It’s a helpful tool. And this function makes it possible to water every 20-40 days a time. The specific watering break is decided by a plant’s habit. When the greenery gets adapted to the planter, it will absorb water from the water reservoir itself. So you have to worry that it may wilt due to the lack of water. Browse our online shop to know about Leizisure, a plastic pots supplier.

Leizisure self-watering planter



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