What is Leizisure Self-watering Planter


Houseplants have been widely used as a decoration to be placed in the supermarket, airport, train station, hotel, etc. They bring natural beauty into interior space. When it comes to indoor growing, the planter you choose should have a drainage hole so that the plant won’t sit in water. Plus a saucer is necessary to hold excess water. Leizisure pot with water reservoir is an optimal container to use indoors.

Who are we

The self-watering planter(or pot with water reservoir) from Leizisure has been recognized by a number of clients around the world. Leizisure is one of our company’s self-owned brands. We’re a factory with more than 17 years’ experience in manufacturing plastic flowerpots. Every year we develop new products and attend the Canton Fair. We highly value the relationship between our customers and sell high-quality flowerpots.


If you’re looking for a planter supplier, Leizisure will be your best partner! With kinds of flowerpots like rattan series, sandy series, baking finish pots, hand-brushed pots, you can always find what you need from Leizisure. Don’t hesitate, just click the Whatsapp button to get the quote!

The pot with water reservoir belongs to the self-watering series. You might be curious about how the planter works and what self-watering is. Read on to see more.

The transparent tube standing on the corner of the planter is a water-level indicator, which tells you how much water is left in the water reservoir. What is the water reservoir? Simply speaking, it is the bottom area of the outer container. A pot with water reservoir or self-watering pot is usually composed of two parts – the inner bucket and the outer container. The inner pot gets fit with the outer one. The former is used for holding soil and growing plants, and the latter is decorative and works as a water reservoir.

The planters shown in the pictures have regular shapes and can be combined together. If you watch it carefully, you may discover that they’re featured by a matte finish. The colors like silver, smoky gray, and white are of minimalist style, which is fairly compatible with public places.

In addition to these square containers, we have cylinder one and diamond series. To see more products, you can click to visit our Alibaba online shop. Besides flowerpots, we developed a plastic garden fence last year~



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