Grow African Spear with Leizisure


Do you love growing plants? Are you looking for planters for your greenery? If you’re interested in self-watering planters, have a look at Leizisure! Leizisure is a self-owned brand of Shengerda, a plastic flowerpot manufacturer with over 17 years’ experience. See the small self-watering pots shown below. The small size pot is suitable to grow succulents like cactus, aloe, snake plant, etc. The succulent with tubular leaves is called cylindrica and looks like aloe. How do you feel about it? Isn’t it appealing because of its toxic flair?

The cylindrica is native to Angola. Due to the straight, cone-shaped appearance, it’s also named the African spear plant. Like most succulents, it needs low maintenance. If you want a houseplant that is easy to care for, it’s a wise option for you to grow cylindrica with Leizisure small self-watering pots.

Small selfwatering pots

small self-watering pots

The square pots have various colors. The white color and the silver-gray color are great to match any scene. The ice blue one delivers a feeling of summer. Which color would you like? Leave your comment and let us know! In addition to these colors, you can visit our online shop to see more. We’re a factory and manufacture kinds of plastic flowerpots, contact us through WhatsApp and get the quote right now~

Leizisure small self-watering pots free your hand from frequent watering. The planter consists of two pots: The inner pot is used for holding soil and is designed with protruding sticks at the bottom for roots to absorb water from the water reservoir.

Tips on African Spear care

The cylindrica is a fairly hardy plant, which means it can tolerate dry conditions for a long time. Busy plant lovers must be addicted to it, for it grows well without too much care. This perennial and evergreen plant grows from a rhizome and can grow to be around 6 feet tall. Temperatures from 10 to 29 °C are ideal for them.

When it comes to watering, don’t water the spear plant unless the soil is completely dry. Bright indirect sunlight is perfect for it. Plus it’s mildly toxic, hence remember to keep it away from kids and pets. When growing the cylindrica in the self-watering pot, you’d better not water it right away when the water level indicator tells you there is little water in the reservoir. Just wait for several days and check the soil, then decide to water or not.



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