An Easy Way to Decorate Your Workplace


Where do you spend most of your time in daily life? If you’re a student, the answer might be school or home. If you’re a freelancer, you may stay at home most of the time. If you’re a staff of a company like me, the answer would be the workplace. How do you decorate the small space that belongs to you? Leave the message below and let us know! Here Leizisure flower pot for the office desk is an ornamental object to make your desk a relaxing place.

Is decorating the workplace a necessary thing? Maybe. Let’s think this way: How many times do you get up from your seat in everyday work? Perhaps you occasionally stand up to get water, go to the restroom or have a meeting, while most of your time is spent in one small section of the office. A lot of white-collar workers in China stare at the computer screen for a long time every day, which may cause their eyes to be sore and dry. Research has shown that it’s better to look at the distance after using eyes for a long time. And also looking at the green plant can give a similar effect to relax your eyes.

Leizisure flower pot for office desk

The rectangular self-watering planter shown in this article has two finishes – the glossy one and the matte one. Both of them have an elegant style. Meanwhile, there are various colors you can choose, for example, smoky gray, ice blue, white, red, coffee, etc. If you want some other colors, you can contact us and do OEM for you. Click the WhatsApp button to get the quote and our catalogue to see more plastic planters!

flower pot for office desk

This flower pot for office desk has two versions of different techniques – the baking varnished pot(left) and the injection molding pot(right). Actually, they have a similar appearance(you can see the pictures below to compare them). The latter one has a more competitive price.

The planter consists of the inner bucket, outer container, and water-level indicator. When you water in the inner pot, the excess water will flow into the outer pot. As you water, the red stick in the water-level indicator will rise. When it reaches the “max”, just stop watering. How do you feel like this flower pot for office desk? We also have many other table flowerpots and welcome to visit our Alibaba shop!



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