Decorate Room with Colorful Leaves


If you are being asked which plant is the most forgiving one to grow indoor, what’s the answer that first come into your mind? Devil’s Ivy wins the game. It is the houseplant that thrives under neglect and low light. With ever green leaves, it does light you up when you look up from work. A lot of plants have green leaves, which bring nature inside and make your space even vibrant. But sometimes you may need more colors to enrich your interior design, thus simple green isn’t enough. Dress up your indoor decor with crotons that have colorful foliage.

Profile of crotons

There’s a wide range of crotons with kinds of patterns, and leaf shapes. Some have large, frilly leaves like oak leaves, others have slender, narrow leaves. In a single plant, it has multiple color combination like red, yellow, orange, gold and green of different shades with dots and stripes on it. Surely growing crotons indoor can add a unique visual interest to your house. But these plants have an disadvantage: They’re not that easy to care for indoors.

Crotons are native to tropical areas under humid and warm conditions. It’s easy for us to recognize that the plant needs sufficient light and plentiful water. So the challenges we face in keeping it indoor are maintaining an ideal temperature and offering much sunlight to it. When it’s too cold, the leaves will fall. However, sparing efforts on growing crotons are worthwhile because a well-grown croton is an explosion of color.

grow crotons with Leizisure rectangular pot

grow crotons with Leizisure rectangular pot


Considering its abundant colors, we suggest you plant it in flowerpots of minimalism style, like ceramic, terracotta pots of plain color. Here’s our high-quality plastic self-watering flowerpots. Our self-owned brand Leizisure covers dozens of series including self-watering flowerpots, smart flowerpots, indoor and outdoor flowerpots etc.

Plant pot ZJ02/2J03/2J04/ZJ05 consists of two main parts: the outer cover and inner pot. A water reservoir is at the bottom of the cover. The inner basket has a drainage hole which allows water to drain freely and keeps plants healthy. The water level indicator tells you when to water. As soon as the red stick rises to the maximum line, it’s time to stop watering. Come with 3 wooden legs, you can easily attach them to the bottom of the planter using as stand. It keeps your plant elevated from the ground and prevents water stains and prints on the floor or carpet.Get it and enjoy growing crotons!

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