Things You Don’t Know about Cactus


When we talk about cactus, what words might come into your mind to describe it? It’s a hardy desert plant, easy to care, tolerant to a bit of neglect. And most obviously, prickles are distributed on their waxy surface. Gardeners would like to call it the most easiest plant for green hand to start with as you only need to water moderately. However, some less green-fingered plant lovers humorously named themselves as “plant killers”, even the cactus cannot survive in their hands. Let’s see more info about cactus.

Q1: Are all cacti prickly?

A: No. Usually when we think of cacti, they’re desert cacti, but there are also forest cacti without prickles, while the range accessible as houseplants is quite small.

Q2: How long does a cactus plant live?

A: Cacti can live for hundreds of years in nature, and they may survive for 10 years or more indoor.

Q3: Is a cactus the same as a succulent?

Every cactus is a succulent, but not all succulents are cacti.

Q4: Are cactus plants indestructible?

A: Certainly not. Native to the Americas and mainly found in drought areas, cactus can perfectly adapt to live in the intense heat and environment of the desert. While when grow indoor, commonly, cactus withering is always caused by over-watering, poor drainage and using the wrong compost. Too much water running at the bottom of the flowerpot without a drainage will lead to root rot. Thus a planter with drainage hole for growing cactus is of necessity. If you’re looking for a high-quality fashionable flowerpot to grow your cactus as well as decorate your desk or table or windowsill, Leizisure self-watering flowerpot can be your ideal choice.

Plant Pot M-1 fits naturally in space of various furnishing styles with its clean silhouette and sleek glaze. It is perfect for displaying plants such as cacti with strong vertical movement. The pot consists of two parts, the inner container and the outer cover. The inner basket has a drainage hole which allows water to drain freely and keeps plants healthy. The water level indicator tells you when to water. As soon as the red stick rises to the maximum line, it’s time to stop watering. However, for succulents like cactus, it’s not recommended to water to the max line. Because too much water may cause the plant become leggy or just mentioned, root rot. When it reach half of the indicator, it’s enough.

For the compost, ordinary potting compost holds water well, which can benefit a majority of plants, but not for cacti, because they need pretty good drainage. If you want to grow them well, it’s best to use specialist cactus soil instead.

Q5: Does a cactus bloom?

A: Almost all cacti are flowering plants. But some have conspicuous blooms, some are not. For example, Mammillaria, Gymnocalycium and Parodia can flower easily with impressive flowers under proper care. To follow its natural growth cycle is important. It goes dormant in winter and wakes up in spring. So over winter put it somewhere dry, warm and not dark, and water less. In spring, give it as much sunlight as possible and water more. It’s better to water the plant after the soil dry out a bit.



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