Leizisure White Plastic Flower Pot


What color would you like to choose when it comes to flower pots? White, coffee, black, red, green, or pink? Tell us in the comment. Based on our experience, white is fairly popular with our customers, for it’s a fabulous addition to almost any occasion. Thus today we invite you to see Leizisure white plastic flower pot. Leizisure is a self-owned brand, of which the featured product is self-watering planters and it belongs to Taizhou Shengerda Plastic Corporation. If you love gardening, we’ll be your friend~

The white plastic flower pot is able to match different interior designs. Although it has a simple appearance, its high gloss and high quality make it great to be placed indoors for ornamental purposes! In addition to the large size, small sizes ranging from palm-size to basketball size are available, too. Small planters are perfect to be displayed on the shelf or table. The lively plants will give you an air-purified new home!

As a factory manufacturer, we have thousands of molds on our own, so we accept OEM and ODM services. Here show some piled semi-finished flowerpots. They are not painted. For the single white color, our factory has developed many series. Let’s talk about the surface first. The white plastic flower pot shown above features a shiny finish. It adopts a baking varnished technique, which differs a lot from a simple injection one.

The baking varnished pot is more resilient and enjoys a more attractive appearance! More practically, this series of white plastic flower pot always has a self-watering system. You may hear of it before, and have you tried it? If not, let Leizisure help you start the journey of an easier planting!

Leizisure self-watering 

So how does the self-watering planter work? We design usually this planter with two pots – one is the inner bucket and the other is the outer decorative container. Besides, there is a water-level indicator. Take this triangular pot, for example, you can notice a small tube is standing at the white plastic flower pot, and that is what we name the water-level indicator.

When you add water to this pot, you might not know how much water you should add. This time just watch the indicator! When the red stick in the tube rises to the “max” line, it reminds you to stop watering. In accordance with types of plants, for those water-loving plants, you can water to the max line, while for those who are not, you may keep the stick close to the “min” line. To know more about Leizisure flower pots, welcome to contact us and read our previous articles!



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