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This is a really beautiful season now! I bet you’ll never experience this kind of beauty without going into nature. Our old friends have known us well and today I would like to invite you to have a garden tour with me. Here I took some pictures and videos of Leizisure rooftop garden. Just enjoy the blossoms! By the way, for our new friends, let me give a brief introduction about us. We’re Leizisure, a self-owned brand of Taizhou Shengerda Plastic Corporation, supplying all kinds of plastic wholesale pots and planters. Welcome to visit Leizisure page!

Flowers and green lives help drive bad feelings out of your body. Our gardener has grown dozens of flowers. In this video, you will see a blooming of Chinese roses. In addition to these nice ornamental plants, vegetables and fruits are major components of Leizisure garden, too! What kind of vegetable plants do you see in the video below? There are cucumber, tomato, eggplant, etc. The small tomatoes are still green, haha.

Raised garden beds 

Hey, do you notice the raised garden box that these vegetables have been grown in? This is Leizisure hot-sell plant pot for veggies! Our company provides you with wholesale pots and planters. They have a simple and elegant appearance and placing them together will definitely make an orderly space for you. More greatly, these plant tubs can be connected together! So how? Read on to see the details!

There are drainage plugs on both side of this flowerpot. When it’s used outdoors, take out the plug so that the excess water can drain out freely. Besides, you can use soft tubes, and install them on the drainage holes, in this way you can water easier, so as save water! Green development is vital. This planter is also equipped with a water-level indicator, which is worked as a guide to tell you how much water you should add to the planter. How do you like this planter?

wholesale pots and planters

Here I would like to show you a comparison. The picture above is taken by a camera and that below is taken by my phone! Do you know what is it in the white raised garden bed? It’s strawberries~ It bears small berries now. Do you want to grow some strawberries? Just join us.

Leizisure wholesale pots and planters

Next, let me show you another corner of Leizisure garden. Do you know what’s the name of the tree? I’m curious about it. By the way, can you guess what is this coffee planter made from? It has a matte finish and as you can see, this plant pot is quite durable to use outdoors! Tell me your answer in the comments!

wholesale pots and planters




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