Prepare Christmas with Leizisure


What gifts will you prepare for Christmas? When will you buy a Christmas tree? According to experts, the best time to buy a real Christmas tree is at the end of November if you plan to take your Christmas tree down straight after New Years Eve. However, if you’re going to take yours down on the Twelfth Night then you should buy your tree on Thursday 2nd December instead.

Xmas tree: real or artificial?

Will you buy a real tree or an artificial one for festive decor this year? Taking a plastic tree out of storage every year isn’t quite the same as going to a Christmas tree farm and bringing home a fresh, live Christmas tree. For many people who celebrate Christmas, a genuine tree is a festive and romantic symbol of family and tradition.

Christmas tree

No matter real or artificial tree, if you have pets, you probably know that some problems may occur during Christmastime. Cats tend to climb trees and fiddle with delicate ornamental objects, while excited puppies can be eager to chew on string lights or paw at presents. Sometimes your pet’s curiosity might be troublesome, plus it can be dangerous for them: a broken ornament or falling tree can be a potential threat to pets.

Leizisure plastic picket fence

One solution is to have a Christmas tree gate. Let’s check out the Leizisure plastic picket fence. It can be put around your tree easily, with a sleek design that won’t break the holiday spirit. Lezisure fences are mainly designed for outdoor usage, as we’re plastic flower pot manufacturer with about 17-year experience. We also have ornamental border fence with tulip pattern. If you’re interested in these fences, see more details in our Alibaba or Tmall shop.

decorative garden fence

Plant gifting is gorgeous

Human beings have an innate attraction towards plants, which is called biophilia. And this is why we are relaxed when we are around green plants. They help us feel relaxed and calm. Thus picking up a plant as present sounds fantastic. Plus match it with a decorative plant pot.

Look at the Norfolk Pine. The graceful, pine-like tree has a lacy, delicate appearance. It is popular during the holidays as an alternative to a traditional cut Christmas tree but makes an elegant statement all year round. Why not choose it as a Xmas gift?

Leizisure covers a range of flowerpots with various shapes, patterns and finishes. Here we show you the baking varnished planters. See more flowerpots, pls visit our official web or online shops.




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