Alternative Christmas Tree Ideas


Festive decor has attracted people’s interests during December. Bells, candles, candy canes, wreaths, snow globes etc are traditional decorations for Christmas. And definitely Christmas tree is an essential item on your shopping list. Today we’d like to show you some alternatives to Christmas tree – growing a Norfolk Pine or DIY a pine cone tree. Plus Leizisure offers you ornamental plant pots to adorn your home space.

Plants can be an ideal alternative to take place of the classic Christmas tree. For example, the Norfolk Pine is a gorgeous option to illuminate your living room on dark December days. Even better, you can enjoy it all year round rather than throwing it away when Christmas ends.

Norfolk Pine easy to care?

Norfolk Pine is a generally easy houseplants. Native to Norfolk Island, it is a tropical plant. Despite its common name, the Norfolk Pine is not a pine at all, but belongs to Araucariaceae family.

The tree is capable of growing both indoors and outdoors. When grown as a houseplant, you’d better use a potting mix that is porous, sandy, and slightly acidic. When it comes to watering, you should keep the soil damp, but not soggy.

Decked with fairy lights and ribbons, the greenery will be a unique furniture in you home! It must be a joy to grow your own trees and decorate it during the holiday season.

Leizisure ornamental plant pots make your space even more modern, cozy and stylish. With 17-year experience in manufacturing plastic flowerpots, Leizisure have a range of planters such as self-watering pots and baking varnished pots. The triangle plant pot shown in the picture is suitable to grow Norfolk tree.

ornamental plant pots

DIY a pine cone Christmas tree

pinecone tree

The creative craft makes a special statement if placed on your table or shelf. What you need to prepare is some pine cones of different sizes, a foam cone, a few floral wood picks and a hot glue gun. Just stick the pick on each pine cone by using the hot glue gun and then put the pick into the foam cone. Step by step and you’ll get a nice pine cone tree.



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