Leizisure Decor Self-watering Pot


Several days ago a Boeing 737 of China Eastern Airlines with 132 people on board crashed in southern China. Now the search is underway. May the dead rest in peace. We cannot foresee the future. The accident might happen at any time. What we can do is to cherish the moments we have now. Seize the day to pursue your dream and enjoy life. Today we’d like to introduce our decor self-watering pot. Do you like this weave surface window box?

decor self-watering pot

The decor self-watering pot has a minimalist art style so that it can add different feelings to different surroundings. This planter can be hung on the wall, railings, and fences. Try to install it in your garden and plant flowers inside and you’ll get a lively fence or wall! If you’re plant lovers, I bet you have kinds of greenery occupying your space. This plant pot takes advantage of vertical space!

It’s also great to put them on a bench to create a special garden. Besides outdoor use, it can also be put indoors. You may wonder that if it’s used indoors, it must need an extra saucer. However, decor self-watering pot doesn’t need any saucer because of its two-pot design. The self-watering box is composed of the ornamental outer container and the inner bucket. There is a drainage hole at the bottom of the outer pot. And it has a rubber plug. When used outdoors, just take out the plug so that the excess water brought by rainfall can flow away.

Leizisure has a wide range of plastic flower pots for that we’re a professional factory manufacturer. The self-watering planter is Leizisure’s featured series. Have a look at this video! Our colleagues will show you some of our popular pots!

Know more about Leizisure

Having over 17-year producing experience, our company has expanded the market. Exporting goods to oversea markets, we have kept developing new flowerpots and doing the market survey. We have professional production qualification and have many certificates like BSCI. To know more about us, you can visit our Alibaba online shop or contact us directly if you’re interested in our products! Plus here’s an effective way to communicate with us. Every week we have live shows this month. So you can follow our Alibaba shop and when we have a live show, you can see our factory!

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