Large Planter with Legs for Peace Lily


People who love flowers have the inclination to have indoor plants. Both small and large plants are amazing to spruce up room place. Plus the flower pot you choose can also be an ornamental object. Leizisure large plant pot with legs, a great accommodation for herbs, vegetables, peace lily etc, features nordic and contemporary style.

Peace lily stands out in varieties of houseplants not only for its low maintenance, but it is a showy plant as well. In this article, you will learn how to care for peace lily and enjoy this pretty greenery in our leizisure planter.

Leizisure garden bed

With its distinctive design, the large plant pot with legs is decorative enough to furnish your space. The rectangular container is made of PP plastic, which is of high quality. Seeing from the picture, you may discover that the white one looks shiny while the coffee one looks matte. You are right!

This planter is mainly composed of two inner buckets, one outer container and a water-level indicator. The inner bucket is equipped with handles on its two sides, making it easy to take out from the outer container.


The holes and four popping cones help to drain water. The surplus water will flow into the outer container. When a new plant adapts to the pot, its newly developed root could drink water from the water reservoir(the space between the outer and inner pots) by itself.

water level indicator

The water level indicator tells people how much water are stored in the reservoir. When the red stick goes up to the max line, it means full. To grab more information about the self-watering function, read our previous articles.

The wooden legs can be easily removed by twisting it. You can see it clearly in the picture that the leg is connected with the outer pot by screw. After several minutes’ installation, the furniture-like plant pot can stand steadily on the ground.

large plant pot with legs

This large plant pot with legs is square, in addition, we also have round and cylinder ones. Visit our Tmall or Alibaba shop to have a look!

Peace lily care

Peace lilies are tropical plants that flourish on the forest floor, where they receive dappled sunlight and consistent moisture. With enough light, peace lilies produce white to off-white flowers starting in the early summer, blooming throughout the year under right care.

When it comes to watering, keeping the soil moist is important but do not overwater and use filtered, room-temperature water. It’s better to keep them in temperatures above 60°F and away from cold, drafty windows. They do best in temperatures upwards of 70°F .

Put it in a bright area but avoid direct afternoon sunlight. An east-facing window is ideal, as they will be exposed to the bright morning sun but can be kept away from the intensity of mid-day rays.



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