Balcony Decor with Railing Planter


It’s getting colder recently. The cool weather reminds me of having a afternoon tea with my friends in our balcony, chatting and enjoying sunshine and tasty dessert. Balcony is really a relaxing place for families and friends to spend leisure time together and also a private space for someone to create and develop innovative ideas. Also, taking a nap in a sunny day of winter at the balcony is super good. Thus, to have a cozy balcony is vital.


Most commonly, plants are used to decorate balcony, adding charm and life to your space. Simply putting the plants on the table or preparing a shelf to display them is nice. However, for those whose balcony are relatively small, it’s confined to put several plants. Therefore, we suggest you to create a vertical garden by taking advantage of the handrails of your balcony. Railing planter is a helpful assistant, saving space and providing better views for you. You can plant almost anything you like in them, like a variety of Chinese roses, herbs, vegetables, fruits like strawberry, succulents and so on.

Here offers you some recommended railing pots:

Leizisure rattan railing planter

This outdoor flowerpot TB-09 features a rattan texture. It can straddle on the handrail firm and steady with brackets. The planter fits railing sizes between 6-8.5 cm wide. For specific parameter, see the pictures below. Another rattan series QM-3 is rectangular and of bigger size. It can fit in railings of 6-8 cm. For colors, TB-09 is available in eight colors: white, red, black, ice blue, yellow, coffee, deep blue and grey. Just choose whatever you like! These plant pots are versatile and can be used on your patio, mailbox post, balcony, fence, or deck railing. With drainage, you don’t need to worry about water stagnation which may cause root rot. Made of durable UV inhibited, polypropylene, our sturdy yet lightweight planter ensures long-lasting color and withstands extreme weather conditions.

Leizisure self-watering railing planter

WB05 is of nordic simplicity style and features It also features a ceramic-like finish that resists scratches and dirt. Our planters adopt top-quality craftsmanship and are durable to any type of weather to maintain color, form and functionality for many years to come. Completely resistant to heat, rain and frost, railing pot is super low maintenance and easy to clean. This railing pot is suitable for both round and rectangular fences, railings or barriers of up to 5 cm thickness.

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