Create a Herbs Garden with Leizisure


Sometimes we’re looking forward to the coming of spring in winter, and the cooling weather of autumn when in summer. The change of seasons gives us a sense of hope and tells us that time is ticking away. Since this is the end of January, the temperature in some regions is going up, it’s a great time to sow some seeds or buy some seedlings and harvest a few months later. Let’s create a small herbs garden. Leizisure raised garden planter on legs is an ideal vegetable growing pot. Read on to see more details.

With more than 17-year experience in manufacturing plastic flowerpots, our factory has a strong capability to produce high-quality products and develop new items. The non-dust workshop covers 15000㎡. A tidy environment helps workers work efficiently. Holding the belief in green development, we use eco-friendly materials and they are non-toxic. Hence, it is safe for you to grow herbs and vegetables in our raised garden planter on legs. If you want to know more info about us, you can visit our Alibaba Shop or just message us by clicking the WhatsApp button.

factory workshop

How to grow herbs in pots

Firstly, you’d better figure out what kind of herbs you’re going to grow. There are annual, biennial, and perennial types. Undoubtedly choose the ones that you like eating. Here we list 9 easy-to-grow herbs: basil, chives, cilantro, lemon balm, oregano, parsley, tarragon, thyme, and mint. I love mint for its fresh smell, which goes well with salad, and having a glass of ice mint water is fabulous in summer. How about you?

Actually, each kind of herb, they have many types. For example, in terms of mint, it has peppermint, spearmint, pineapple mint, apple mint, etc. So just find out the flavor you want. If you plan to make mojitos, you may choose apple mint.

Herbs are relatively easy to grow. Regular watering is the most important factor. When growing in containers, garden soil is not suggested, as it won’t drain well. Plus a pot with drainage holes is vital. The raised garden planter on legs has drainage holes on its two sides. Additionally, the vertical stackable pot is also great to grow kinds of herbs. Which one do you prefer? Leave your comment and let us know.

raised garden planter on legs

The garden bed has a large space so you can grow several kinds of herbs in it. The four legs would be taken out when it’s transported. This raised planter is around 25.5 inches tall so don’t have to stoop down for a long time when planting.



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