Create A Landscape with Leizisure 


We often use hot to describe summer, while this year I’d like to use it for autumn. The temperature remains around 40 Celsius degree to its top every day. Plus it rains little these days. What’s the weather like in your region? We hope to know from you in the comment. Today let’s see how to create an appealing landscape with Leizisure plastic tubs for plants and garden fences. Leizisure offers all kinds of plastic plant pots to customers around the world. If you have any requirements, feel free to talk with us!

As a factory manufacturer, Leizisure is committed to providing high-quality planters and developing new products so as to expand the market. The rectangular plastic tubs for plants shown above show a great advantage in decorating space and organizing a layout. The simple style, together with the delicate painting, gives a luxurious feeling. Matte, glossy and sandy finishes are all available. These planters have a self-watering system. Each of them is composed of an outer ornamental pot and an inner bucket. The inner pot is designed with hidden handles so that it’s easy to take it out when planting. As its name indicates, the self-watering planter reduces the watering frequency. Once the water is added to the pot, it can last 15-40 days before the next watering.

plastic tubs for plants

Made of recyclable PP, it performs well both outdoors and indoors. We accept sample orders if you want to test their quality. Start to make a landscape in your home or garden with Leizisure! If you live in a confined apartment, then hanging plastic tubs for plants can be an alternative. Here I show you a newly launched hanging pot. It looks like a stone bowl. Pothos are ideal plants for displaying purposes, for they’re sunny and youthful.

plastic tubs for plants

These colors are available. Moreover, customization is accessible, too. Tell us your needs and we’ll give you a plan. Do you like these hanging plastic tubs for plants?

Leizisure Garden Fences

In terms of garden fences, they’re lightweight and useful ones to set your field orderly and clean. This fence is like a small gate to separate your yard from others. If you keep pets, it’s nice to keep your flowers from being trampled by cute friends. In addition to this color, it also has white ones. The garden fence panels are cheap and a practical tool to help your gardening. If you have any ideas or questions, welcome to leave messages for us.



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