Leizisure Plant Pot with Climbing Frame


Picking fruits is an entertaining activity, bringing us a sense of satisfaction. Fruits and veggies like strawberries, blueberries, oranges, tomatoes, and pumpkins are common ones seen in orchards and farms, where you can spend time with your family or friends. Since the outbreak of COVID-19 in 2019, home gardening has been on the rising trend. Now is 2022! Pandemic prevention and control have become the norm. A lot of people in China like to grow some veggies and fruits on their own in case of sudden severe pandemic conditions. Those who live in the city have limited access to space. Thus container gardening is a viable alternative to it. Here Leizisure plant pot with climbing frame is an ideal item for growing vegetables. Read on to see more.

Basic info

This raised garden bed stands steadily on the ground. The minimalist style applies to almost every outdoor scene. Its big size enables a bumper harvest for vegetables grown inside. Leizisure developed this plant pot with climbing frame last year and we have tested the quality. The picture below shows a corner of Leizisure rooftop garden. Do you find that this planter seems a bit higher than the one shown in the first picture? Well, the plant pot with climbing frame is smaller. This height is relatively reasonable with climbing frame so that it’s convenient to pick the bearing fruits.

The plant pot with climbing frame is made from durable and recyclable PP, a kind of safe material. The four legs are easy to install and when it’s packed, the legs will be taken out to save space. As we know, a drainage hole is a necessity of a practical planter, which helps avoid water-logging. This garden box has holes at its two sides with rubber plugs. Plus these containers are able to be connected through these holes by using a tiny water pipe. This kind of design is certainly in line with the green development belief. In this way, it conserves water.

In addition to vegetables, this plant pot with climbing frame serves well for these climbing plants. For the raised box alone, you can grow some flowers, small shrubs, and herbs inside, too. If you are interested in this plant pot, click WhatsApp to contact us! We have our own factory with a manufacturing experience of over 17 years. Garden fences and watering cans are also available.



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