How to Build a Sunken Container Garden


In our last article, we talked about nursery pots and today we’ll see how to build a sunken container garden with nursery pots. If you are new to our web, feel free to click here to get some information about us:) And visit our Alibaba shop to look through products.

Benefits of building a sunken container garden

The sunken containers show strength in controlling plant growth environment. Burying pots in the ground can be an attractive way to add plants to the garden, and it also helps to keep plants from spreading and insulates plants well so you won’t be stepping on the plants root systems. And they need less water and stay warmer.

The sunken container garden allows you to concentrate resources and grow a variety of crops. The pots that you choose should have drainage holes in the bottom so that the roots will grow through the holes and into the ground. Some unused or recycled nursery pots are favored because they are easy to cut and cheap.

Preparation work need to do

Before planting, first clear your planting area and remove weeds, grass or other unwanted plants from the area. Gather the pots together and design your space. Arrange the place for each pot.

Get started!  Step one: cut holes   

Cut out the holes at the bottom in a similar manner and size. The size of the hole should be 1/3 or 1/2 of the bottom area according to the soil condition. If it’s drought or has some moisture problem, you can make the hole wider. The plants roots will grow through the container’s holes and into the ground. This provides some security from watering issues.

Step two: remove the soil and sink the containers  

If you trace the containers with peat moss or soil, you will know where to dig. Dig holes wide and deep enough to accommodate your pots. It would be easier to dig after raining. If you are going to grow in a prepared bed, you just need to move some soil out and then sink the container flat. If you are using a new space, shovel the circle of soil to a depth of 3 to 6 inches in accordance with the sizes of your containers. Then loosen the soil remaining in the circle, amend it with peat moss if necessary. Set the container flat in the circle.

Step three: fill the containers

When it comes to container mixes, you don’t have to follow a perfect recipe. Here’s one for reference: 1/3 to 1/2 peat or coir for holding water, 1/3 natural soil that are pulled out of the hole, and 1/3 topsoil or potting soil. Also you can buy a bag of moisture control garden soil and use that if you wish. Get your soil ready and fill them in the containers.

Notes: Planting trees in pots is not advisable, for the pots don’t let the roots expand. The roots might can puncture the pot eventually, but if not, they would circle around inside the pot. It may stunt the tree’s growth.

Have a try and build your own sunken container garden!





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