Butterfly Orchids Brighten up Winter


During cold times of the year, flower blooms can be few and last short. Luckily we have orchids indoors to accompany us through winter until the first flowers of spring emerge. A single flower can bloom often from 2 to 4 months, before they fall off. The home environment is perfect for orchids, and with relatively little care they are able to thrive.

Basic info about butterfly orchids

The phalaenopsis, its Greek name, is often called a Butterfly Plant. This originates from its butterfly-like shape of flowers. Orchids grow in warm tropical areas. You can find them mainly in Southeast Asia, the Philippines and Australia. If you walk there, you’ll find that they grow in the shade of tall trees in wet places. With very thick fleshy leaves, it grows on other plants or trees. You might think that this is not good for other plants, but phalaenopsis is not really bothering him. Because it draws no nutrients from other plants.

butterfly orchid flower

When it comes to home care, it’s important not to put them in the full sun so as to avoid direct sunlight. Otherwise, the leaves might burn. It is wise to place the plant in the winter on the south side of your room and in the summer on the north side of your room. Just keep it away from the window. Failing that, you can always place something over the window to help filter out the direct sunlight.

Butterfly Orchids have sensitive roots. That is both the strength and the weakness of the plant. They need very little food to thrive, but when there are too many roots, there are too many nutrients to process, they may burn, rot or die. In terms of watering, getting this part right is key to increasing the lifespan of your orchid. Plus, it can have a huge impact on the length of flowering. Due to the limited length, we’ll talk it in the next article.

Let Leizisure orchid flower pot bring your orchids to life! 

Leizisure orchid flower pot of rattan series

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