Planter pot on wall


Self-watering flower pot is the best choice under these sitiuation. Self-watering flower pot can solve all above problems,
it makes us no worry about plant watering everyday when we are outside on business trips or vecation,
How does the self-watering flowerpot work? why does self-watering flowerpot have so many advantages?
The First,there is a water storage part at the bottom of the self-watering flowerpot,it can supply water accordinly and continusly for 2-8 weeks,we can travel or on business trip without worries.

Model: BAR-HDC9
Height: 7.2m
Area: 11*6m
Swing angle: 45°
Power: 11KW
Voltage: 380V
Capacity: 24 persons

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    Business types of you/your company?
    DistributorRetailerContractorI'm an end user

    Project Quantity Demand?
    200m2-200m2200m2-800m2Above 800M2I'm distributor and have an annual demand



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