baking finished plastic flowerpot


The First,there is a water storage part at the bottom of the self-watering flowerpot,it can supply water accordinly and continusly for 2-8 weeks,we can travel or on business trip without worries.
The Second,self-watering flowerpot can easily be permeable,keep the soil dry to avoid plant roots rotted.
The Third,self-watering flowpot can be permeable to keep the soil with air to avoid breed mosquitoes.
The Forth, self-watering flowpot is colorful in various styles,it can fit with different kinds of places.such as hotels,houses,
use self-watering flowerpot can save our energy and time ,enjoy joy of planting.
self-watering flowerpot can make the planting full of life, it can greatly improve the survival rate of plant,self-watering floerpot is beautiflly enough to decorate the living environment.
It can obviously improve the aesthetic experience of living environment,which also improve your life happiness.



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